:: Equipment ::
Four (4) Lathes up to 50" swing, 32" over carriage, and 175" between centers
Two (2) milling machines
10" x 18" surface grinder
Heat treating and annealing oven
Press Brake capable of bending 8 feet long by 5/16" thick mild steel with
CNC  back gauge and die mounts.
5 and 30 ton punch presses
Shear 6 feet and 1/4" capacity
50 ton Iron Worker
Plasma cutter 3/4" capacity
200 KVA Spot Welder
ABB 2400 Welding Robot
QC Mfg Custom Tube Bender
Oxyacetylene cutting and welding outfit
Water cooled AC/DC TIG welder
Three (3) MIG welders with push/pull cabinets
One (1) MIG welder with Spoolmatic gun
Four (4) MIG welders
Portable stick/TIG welder
Four (4) overhead cranes

All types of material handling equipment