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Our Wisdom

In the world of the design engineer, a prominent driving challenge is to
bring a product idea from drawing to final working product with as few
deviations from the original concept as possible. Many hurdles can be met
along the way, which is the primary reason for the missed deadlines and
setbacks that plague the under-qualified job shop. There can be no
substitute for knowledge and ability in thwarting these problems. Our
engineers are some of the best in the business as our impressive list of
satisfied customers will attest.

Our Quality

Our 27,000 square feet facility houses our machine and tool design center,
a fully equipped machine shop, and a large fabrication and production
Quality control is tantamount to product success.  QC Mfg, Inc. checks each
product during all stages of design and production. This commitment to
quality is an absolute, whether your order is for 10 items or 1,000. You can
rest assured that we will not sacrifice this basic principle.
Your product, from design to final production, is in the hands of seasoned
experts who all have one common goal: perfection. In short, a product from
QC Mfg, Inc. is the best available.

Our Customers

At Quality Contract Manufacturing, Inc., our record speaks for itself. We do
business with companies like Dupont, ABB, GE and Parker-Hannifin, to
name a few. Our assurance of expedience and quality is guaranteed to any
customer, which means that the same level of commitment and integrity
injected into the design of products for these Fortune 500 companies goes
into products designed for the smallest companies as well. To say that our
customers are the reason for our continued commitment to these
principles is an understatement. You, our customer, are the reason we are