:: Tube Bender ::

The Custom Tube Bender was designed and manufactured in house to address a
specific job's needs efficiently and inexpensively.  Programmable tube benders in
the metalworking marketplace can cost as much as $65,000.00!  Buy yours from us
at fraction of the cost!!!

Our Custom Tube Bender will give constantly precise 90 degree bends in tubing
with minimal spring back variance.

The original Custom Tube Bender is an everyday piece of equipment in our
fabrication facility.  It continues to operate as smoothly today as it did when first put
to service in 1999.  Countless feet of aluminum tubing have been precisely bent by
this bender, resulting in a tremendous savings of both time and money.

Key Features

5 HP hydraulic power unit
30 second bend cycle
Dual bending
Integrated holding table
Integrated saw for custom cutting pre-bend
Small installation footprint
A perfect alternative to
astronomically priced dual
angle bending machines,
the Custom Tube Bender
was born of necessity and
is an invaluable tool in
making dual bends in
aluminum tubing.  Read all
about it...