:: Power Booster ::

Do you need occasional high-pressure without the cost and bulk of a complete
traditional hydraulic system?

Do you find yourself wanting to complete shop tasks that require hydraulic pressure
but don't justify the expenditure?

Now you have a solution!  Featured in our Negative Radius Corner Shear, the Power
Booster measures only 5 inches in diameter by 35 inches high.  It is a pressure
boosting pneumatic cylinder that attaches to your standard shop air compressor
using standard coupling connectors.  With the Power Booster you can convert your
shop air into hydraulic pressure up to 5,000PSI!

The Power Booster is custom designed and would easily fit into your application with
minor effort.  Provide us with your hydraulic fluid displacement requirements and we
will custom build a Power Booster for you!

Key  Features

Custom Built
Cost effective
Small, Lightweight design
No hassle maintenance
Uses existing coupling equipment
Made in the USA