:: Material Handling Design & Manufacture ::

Our intuitive  design capabilities don't end with custom machines.  That is why
we offer myriad custom alternatives that allow you to handle multiple tasks with
one piece of equipment instead of several, thus saving you time and money.  We
have insight, forethought, and much experience in providing top-quality,
affordable material handling solutions.  Call us today with your requirements
and let us help you meet the ever demanding workload.

Key Benefits

Standard or custom design to fit your needs
Competitive pricing to keep you competitive
Quick turnaround
Exceptional quality-- minimize labor and repair costs

Sample  Custom Products

Wire Frame  Wash Baskets
      Used in the parts washing industry

      For Telecom switching components, computer boards, etc...

Dollies, Carts, and Racks

Panel Movers, Glass Dollies, Electrician Dollies, Furniture Movers, and
custom designed and built racks..
Aluminum Trays