:: Furniture Lift System ::

Traditionally, there have been two options for office installation and reconfiguration
of office systems: partial or total structure disassembly, or bulky, expensive lifting
systems.  Now, there is a better way!

Key Benefits

No hydraulic systems to ruin office flooring.
No fees to become Certified Carpet Installer.
Flexibility in the choice of carpet tiles suppliers.
Reconfiguration of office systems is painless and cost less in labor.
Lightweight and priced to sell.

Key Features

One jack with a groove that adjusts to different interconnect slot heights -- no risk of
slippage and damage to panels
The second jack lifts securely from under the panel with the option to add the "U
adapter" so there is no risk to damage to the electrical/data conduit under the panel
Aluminum and steel construction- lightweight, corrosion resistant, and durable
Simple and  efficient design-reduces physical effort-improves your bottom line
One push locking lifter raises panel 7/8"--saves time
Maximum lift without locking 1-1/4"--no risk of over lifting and damaging panels

Built in safety catch
Made in the USA

Operating Instructions
The system consists of two
jacks--the one on the right and
the one on the left and has 3
modes of use;

As shown:
First mode--Jack lifts by the
slots on the spine
Second mode--Jack with ULB
lifts from under any horizontal
flat surface from ground level up
to 6" high.
Third mode--Jack with ULB and  
"U" adapter attached lifts similar
heights to mode 2 but protects
electrical conduits.

For a limited special
price of $780