:: Furniture Lift System Operation Instructions ::
The Furniture Lift System can be used in three modes of operations:
Mode1--To lift via the spine on the panels, use the Jack with the short lever.
Using a one-push lift and lock mechanism, the Panel Lift maintains a secure panel
height all in three steps:
1. Put the lever in the lifting position by releasing the lever from the locking
2. Loosen the locking knob on the main Jack's shaft.
2. Insert the lip retainer into an interconnect slot on the panel frame while making
sure that the Jack's base is flat on the ground -Tighten the locking knob.
3. Grasp the Furniture Lift lever firmly with one hand and push the lever down. Your
panel is lifted to a 1-1/4" and when released is automatically locked at a height of 7/8".
Mode 2--To lift from underneath panels with electrical conduits use the Jack with the
Universal Lift Bracket (ULB) and the "U" adapter.  Insert the horizontal portion of the
"L" shape of the Universal Bracket underneath the horizontal bottom bar of the
modular panel and lift.  Please note that the overall jack height will need to be
Mode 3--To lift from underneath panels with no electrical conduits simply remove the
"U" adapter from the "L" shape of the Universal Bracket.

For a height of ground level up to 4" attach the Jack's lever to the top slot in the upright
pipe (factory setting).  To lift from 4" to 6" do the following:
1. Lift and release the Aluminum Ring Guide that is part of the Universal Lift Bracket
from the pin on the Jack base.   Remove the Push to Release Pin from the upright
pipe and the Jack's lever from the top slot (there are two slots on the upright pipe,
choose the bottom slot to give you the 4 to 6 inches height).
Panel Shim
When there is no room to remove the old carpet from under the cubicles, the Panel
Shims play a big role in reducing the Jack's usage time.  When inserted beneath the
panel feet, they free the Panel Jack to do more liftting.  The panel shims are made of
foamed pvc.  They will not deform under load and they are very light.  They have
staggered height (1/2", 3/4", and 1") that allows the panel to rest at a choice of three
floor to foot spacing.

To replace old carpet:

a. Lift and shim underneath every
supporting foot.

b. Remove old carpets/carpet tiles
off all clear areas.

c. Use the Universal Bracket to lift
the furniture while resting the Jack
on the newly laid carpet as close as
possible to the old carpet tile
underneath the foot. Remove the
old carpet tile and replace it with the
new carpet tile. Put the staggered
shim beneath the foot and atop the
newly tiled area.

d. Repeat above steps till finished
tiling the rest of old tiles under feet.

e. Lift and remove all shims